Montag, 15. Februar 2010

Gillet à la Nelson von gedrucktem Musseline

Finally here is the first part of the "Fashionprint-Project". The whole suit is almost finished, but we are still waiting for the boots and seaching for the brooch, so there are no pics of the finished ensemble.

So, here I will tell about how we made the waitcoat. The description says that it is a "waitcoat à la Nelson, of printed musslin, bordered with a black velvet band all arround".

As it seemed to be impossible to get a similar fabric, we decided to make them ourselves. I choose to use fabricpaint from the craftstore, making paint according to a period recipie seemed to be to complicated to me...

At first I thought it would be best to create the triangles by stamping them, but with my selfmade stamp of foamed rubber it looked like that stuff I made in the kindergarden ;)

Than I had the perfect idea: I just did tape all the forms with crepe-tape ( I don't know the propper english term) and did amplify them. You have to let the paint dry quite long, to avoied any blur.

The stripes I made with a quilter's grid.


  1. How wonderful you are handpainting the vest or Gillet (?) I often wondered if that was an option when embroidery or finding the cloth with the appropriate design isn't available. The tape in English is masking tape - I think that is what you used to block out the print. Did you have trouble with painting seeping underneath the tape? Anyway, beautiful. Can't wait to see it finished.

    Oh, I ordered the knitted mitts pattern that you used. A friend is going to help me work on it - I am not a good knitter.

  2. Thank you :) I had no problem with the paint, it is rather thick and when one holds the brush upright I think there is no danger at all.
    There are quite some exaples of original vests of the 1780s/90s that are printed, maybe it was a cheaper alterenative to embroidery.

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