Mittwoch, 30. Juni 2010

Thank you Lady of the Portlandhouse

Thank you, Lady of the Portlandhouse for giving me this award! I like your blog very much, and so it is an honour for me as a very lazy blogger...
Now, I think I have to tell seven things about me :)
1) I don't like to tell much private things in the internet - I think there are already to much information about me out there... well this might be a typically German kind of paranoia ;)
2) I don't have a car. It's partly because I don't need one, because I can easily reach all sorts of shops on foot or by tram, partly beacause I think it's waisted money (gasoline is very expensive in Germany) and at last I think it's a good thing for the enviroment when at least some people don't need an own car.
3) I live in the sunniest part of Germany and I love it :)
4) I would have come earlyer into reenactment if I had known that there is something like that, but here it is not very big and so it was when I was 17 when I first got into it.
5) I have one big wardrobe only for my 18th and19th century dresses and another one for the accessoires (that I do share with Monsieur)
6) I'm addicted to silk (that's a dagerous drug), handsewing, knitting sometimes quiting, lacemaking and embroidery
7) I do wear a hat or cap (almost) everytime I leave the house. I feel almost naked without one, I can't understand why so many people today refuse to wear hats.
It's quite difficult to me to nominate blogs I like that have not been nominated by now ;)
So here are only three:
Au temple des modes, a French blog of very amiable and talented ladys
MacThadeforrest´s Schneiderstube, a German blog of a friend who makes so cute and absolutely autehntic clothes and accessoires (Schneiderstube means, seweing-room, but "stube" is a bit more cozy than "room" I don't know if there is a propper Enlish word for it)
And La Châtelaine Chocolat, a blog of a very talented lady which I like to read very much

Dienstag, 8. Juni 2010

My customer wearing her robe à la francaise

My customer wearing her robe à la francaise
Originally uploaded by Mme. du Jard

I was asked for photos of the robe à la francaise I made last year and voilà here you can see my beautiful customer wearing her dress.

Upcycling mal anders oder aus zwei mach eins

The marriage of two dresses Im November 2015 waren wir eingeladen zu einer herrlichen Veranstaltung in einem wirklich grandiosen Gebäude...