Montag, 22. November 2010

V.S.C. (Very silly cap)

And here is the result:

I love silly caps^...

Have I ever mentioned that I loooove silly caps? No?
Well, some days ago I recognized that I'm desperately in need for a new cap for our upcomming event next weekend.
I made one after a print from the "Gallery of fashion" from 1794 (to be seen in "Jane Austen fashion" p. 52)

Here is a little "how to"

The "ears" are pleated. I have wettened the batist allover with spraystarch and then tryed to iron as small pleats as possible (unfortunatelly not as small as the original...)

Than cut out the "ears" from the pleated fabric.

Cut out a circle for the head and a headband.

Close the headband and ruffle the circle to match the headband and sew it together. Than attach the ears, I have used the selfedge as hem and did sew the cut edge to the headband. I didn't line the headband but did just overcast the seamallowances.

And now the nicest work: trimm it with silkribbon :)

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