Donnerstag, 6. Januar 2011

Projects for 2011

I hope you all had a good start into 2011!
As I have neglected this blog so much in the last time "more blogging" will be one of my projects for the new year ;)

My first project will be a new 1760's suit for my hubby. He needs it for his new living-history-character, a councilman of an imperial city. He already has a black culotte but needs a black Justaucorps and a rich waistcoat. I have begun to make some silver bobbinlace for this waistcoat but I do not know if it will work well.
Our other big project will be a wardrobe for 1811. We will have two events set in 1811 this year, so it's worth to sew some stuff for it.
A frock and a coat for my hubby and a dress, a coat and of course a very big bonnett for me.

For the dress I already have a model. It needed to be something non-white, because I will have to wear it in a village-museum which is always muddy. I want to realize it in a thin woolen fabric, so that it is a bit warmer than cotton.

An other thing I have in mind is a small 1910-wardrobe for me, but I don't know if I will have the time to realize this and it is uncertain if I will be able to attend the event I intend it for. But anyway I think that one can easily wear this styles today. I especially like this painting and would like to sew the dress on the right.


  1. Well, i am sure you can wear this style today!
    when i was a younger girl i started with "strange clothing" wearing my Gothic-Style-Dresses ... so it gets usual for me to get stared by the people on the streets ;) since that time i really dont worry and often wear my historic dresses as a everyday dress - not every time but sometimes when i like to do that :)
    4 Years ago i moved into a little village and now i am a little bit the "Paradiesvogel" here.. it´s so funny!
    Btw, in deiner sibebar steht, daß du dieses Blog in deutsch schreibst? Heißt das, ich quäle mich gerade ganz umsonst mit meinem Englisch herum und du würdest mich auch in deutsch lesen können?

    Lots of greetings, maren

  2. Uih, da hast Du Dir aber ein tolles Kleid aus dem Costume Parisiens ausgesucht - man darf gespannt sein ;)...und wartet artig auf Fotos!

  3. I can't wait to see what you create! i'm sure it will all be amazing!

  4. @maren:
    Ups, ja, eigentlich wollte ich nur deutsch schreiben, aber mittlerweile hat sich's umgekehrt, ich sollte wieder zweisprachig werden...


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